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More MBC Shows Added for 2019

Our first two shows of 2019, in Kent and Manchester, have been a huge success!
So much so that we’re adding more shows for 2019.
Check out our events page to see a House Building Show local to you and why not come and see us and discuss your project? Hope to see you there!

Kettle just boiled?

Power usage – Kettles As with all appliances, different models and brands of kettle are all made differently and therefore have different rates of energy consumption. The average kettle is between 2 and 3 kilowatts (kw). The electricity that you use in your home is...

Energy friendly fridge freezers

Fridges and freezers are on all the time and can use a lot of energy. If you are buying a new one make sure you get an energy-efficient model. If you have an old (over 10 years) fridge or freezer, it could be cost effective to replace it, as energy efficiency has...

Ways to insulate your home and cut bills

Although controlling your heating intelligently is a clever way to cut costs it only works by lowering temperatures in your home (at strategic times). Improving your home’s insulation is different, it results in you getting more comfort for every pound you spend on...


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